Demons of the Guilded (The Demon Cleaner, #1)

When Guild City is caught between the demon hunter and the demon lord, no human or vampire is safe.


In present day Guild City, Louisiana humans and vampires are slowly integrating. Vampires even hold jobs in human society. They’re police officers, teachers, doctors, etc. Of course, not everyone wants this. Forces on both sides work to see that humans and vampires remain separate with one dominating the other.

A string of gruesome murders threatens to destroy what little peace there is between the two species. Neither side knows who’s committing the murders or why. Yet they blame each other.

Eventually, a set of twin vampires are arrested for the crimes.

Demon hunters are rare among humans. They are born. Not made. Among them is Lillas Mehkinnan. Special even by demon hunter standards, she is the only human who can use the powers of the elements.

From the beginning, Lillas has suspected that serial killers, dubbed the Inheritors, are demons. But finding proof has been impossible. However, everything changes when her friends are arrested. Now she must do more than prove their innocence. She must find the real killer.

But the killer finds her. And things do not go as planned. For the first time, the demon hunter meets the demon lord.

The series also introduces a few new species that humans don’t know about. Among them are the ankhil and himmels. The ankhil are a collective of were-kind and other creatures. They are very close knit despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of them spread around the world. Their main enemy are the vampires. The himmels are a very rare species of shape-shifting time-travelers. They are incredibly powerful and consider themselves to be the only true immortals as very few things can kill them. Not even decapitation. They have no natural enemy and are often peacekeepers between the vampires and ankhil.


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