1.     Fresh Hell

2.     Meet Mikkolaidol

3.     Two Months Later

4.     Shadow Boxer

5.     The Great Dilemma

6.     Safe Home

7.     The Day the Whole World Went Away

8.     From Past to Present

9.     Lillas, Nerezza. Nerezza, Lillas.

10.Partial Recall

11.Cross, We Have A Problem

12.Jet Lag

13.Mehkinnan in Denmark

14.Love Thy Enemy

15.Search for the Original Queen

16.Life of the Party

17.A Question of Trust

18.Heartstrings Come Undone

19.I Eat Vampires

20.One Simple Hello

21.All In

22.Witchy Woman

23.Wicked Wizardry

24.Fools Rush In

25.Back to Where it Began

26.The Karma Effect

27.Don’t Follow the Lights

28.Chemical Detonator


30.Ravenna, Interrupted

31.Playing with a Girl’s Emotions

32.A Bump in the Rescue Mission

33.Jude Makes it Bad

34.Breaking the Law

35.They’re All Gone

36.If It Ain’t Hurtin’…

37.The Central Problem

38.Blood Donor


40.At Cross’s House


42.The Humanization of Vampires

43.  The Bat and the Wolf

44.Back in Nerezza

45.  Of Public Record

46.Should You Choose to Accept It

47. Cabin in the Woods

48.Dinner with the Vampire

49.A Vampira’s Betrayal



52.  Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner

53.Lillas Had One Job

54. Regime Change

55.Brothers’ Keeper



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