Blood of the Hunted (The Demon Cleaner, #2)




The demon cleaner is back! After two months of her life are stripped away, there’s only one question on everyone’s mind. Where has she been? She returns to Guild City to find all her good deeds undone. Hundreds of thousands murdered by her hand.

At least, that’s what the authorities believe.

Forced to flee, she takes refuge with the vampire Cross. He and his companions join Team Lillas to retrace her steps. However, not all among them can be trusted. Despite their differences, Cross becomes an ally. But for Lillas to love him as he loves her, may be asking too much.

After years of waiting, Daniya, queen of the were-kind, can finally exact revenge on Ravenna. But it comes with a steep price. Her devil’s deal throws Jin and Jossus into the middle of a war. Two men enter; both could lose their lives.

The mysterious and powerful human Mikkolaidol and his allies launch a plan to destroy the entire non-human world. And use Lillas to do it. But a confrontation between her and them leads to disaster. And will cost far more than she bargained.


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