The Demon Cleaner

Lillas Mehkinnan was happy living in Guild City, hunting demons and fighting for species equality between humans and vampires. But when the demon lord and his allies emerge, they challenge everything she thought she knew about vengeance, family, and power.

Longer Synopsis:

Lillas Mehkinnan is a human with the power of the elements at her disposal. She uses her gifts to fight demons that plague Guild City, her home. For years, she’s enjoyed life as a demon hunter, until the demon lord emerges. He and his allies rip through the city, drowning the human and vampire residents in fear and paranoia.

It’s more than hunter versus lord when their battles become an international and interspecies catastrophe. Her fight against the demon lord will force her to make the unlikeliest of allies and test the strength of binding ties.

Like her the demon lord’s powers stretch beyond the demon world. But unlike her, he seems to have complete control of his powers. And hers. Only when he uses her powers against her and those she loves does she realize the extent of what she’s capable of. If she’s going to defeat him, she will have to come to grips with what she really is or kiss this bright blue ball goodbye.


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