Writing Tips for Beginners: The Skeleton: Writing your first draft

Now that you have your writing space and instruments all picked out, you’re ready to get your first draft written. Important to remember: your first draft will not be 100%. That’s okay. No one’s ever is. As many writers note, don’t worry about getting it right. Get it written. Anything that needs to be fixed […]

Guest Post: Nikki McDonagh: Nadsat, Newspeak and Bubchat: Creative use of language in novels

I have been reading mostly science fiction books lately, and I have begun to question why a lot of writers choose not to modify the language they use to create a sense of another time and place. It seems that in the future, vocabulary will remain the same and people will talk to each other […]

Writing Tips for Beginners #2: Pens to Paper: Writing Instruments Facilitate Your Creativity

Writing instruments seem like such a minute topic that it’s almost laughable to talk about. So why are we talking about it? I’ll give you three reasons. 1.) J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter on a typewriter. 2.) My friend Gary Jackson wrote, “Missing You: Metropolis,” on a computer. 3.) I do most of my […]