Discover Authors: Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq: Demons of the Guilded (The Demon Cleaner, #1)

From September 13 – 23, my blog and I are participating in a “Discovery” through  Each day, I’ll be featuring a different author and one of their books; the other authors will also be featuring me and each other on their blogs at the same time.  Check in every day to find out about […]

Blood of the Hunted (the Demon Cleaner #2): Sample

BLOOD OF THE HUNTED THE DEMON CLEANER BOOK TWO BY NADIYAH ABDUL-KHALIQ Prologue Lillas stood in a white gown. The floor felt cold against her bare feet and strange, a little squishy. The jail walls were weird. They looked like glass, but moved when touched. She could push a wall as far as it could […]

After Alistar, Before Evera Pt 2.: The Viktor and Ravenna Influence

The next day, Lillas was back in her cell, an armed guard outside. Lenshrader, her mother, and Viktor stood next to each other, arms crossed, waiting for answers. “That was very clever…and impressive,” Viktor said, as if praise from him was what she wanted. “Don’t encourage her,” Marisai snapped. “No. But only someone of exceptional […]

After Alistar, Before Evera Part 1: Ice is the New Fire

Lillas stood beneath the window, stunned, mouth open, ignoring the snow that dropped around her. Shards of glass spread all around. Flecks of ash fluttered on the wind, landing on her. Alistar could not be gone. Not like this. Not ever. What was she going to do? Call the police? Call an ambulance? Someone. Someone […]

Jossus Sees Lillas at the Hospital

  Jossus had twenty minutes to see one of his best friends before visiting hours were over. He supposed whether he saw her tonight or tomorrow didn’t really matter. From what he understood of her condition, she would never know the difference. Still, he wouldn’t feel right if he didn’t make an effort to see […]

Whose Life Would You Choose, Nema: Book 1 Deleted Scene

So, this all happens after Jossus picks up Lillas from the police station after her run-in with Druis. In it explains why he was late getting her. Lillas’s mother attacks her again. But the main focus of this chapter was Nema who has been hunting a serial killer. She finds out the killed is in […]

Little Spiders Everywhere: Deleted Scene from Book 1

This scene would have been right after Lillas returns to Guild City with Evera and Jossus. In it Ravenna and Lillas have a discussion about the current state of the city and the vampira’s relationship with Jin, which Lillas does not approve of. The vampira and the demon hunter notoriously do not get along. Their […]