After Alistar, Before Evera Pt 2.: The Viktor and Ravenna Influence

The next day, Lillas was back in her cell, an armed guard outside. Lenshrader, her mother, and Viktor stood next to each other, arms crossed, waiting for answers. “That was very clever…and impressive,” Viktor said, as if praise from him was what she wanted. “Don’t encourage her,” Marisai snapped. “No. But only someone of exceptional […]

After Alistar, Before Evera Part 1: Ice is the New Fire

Lillas stood beneath the window, stunned, mouth open, ignoring the snow that dropped around her. Shards of glass spread all around. Flecks of ash fluttered on the wind, landing on her. Alistar could not be gone. Not like this. Not ever. What was she going to do? Call the police? Call an ambulance? Someone. Someone […]