Writing Tips for Beginners: For The Love Of The Craft

So, you want to write. To that I say welcome to the madness that is the writer’s club. Like all good creative professions writing is filled with as much triumph as it is heartache. Characters live. Characters die. Good ideas come and go. You will often feel like you’re in a race between getting your […]

The Marvel

Does it have to be so clear to you always? Must things always come in flashes of brilliance, flashes of light? Do your visions gleam from your eyes in color in black and white? Does your mind know no stillness? /// Flashes pause across your mind and move slowly, ever so slowly, just so you […]


I stand at the edge of the lake staring blankly past the sparkles sunlight makes into its grave darkness /// Wind passes over my face while waves breaks over my feet but I don’t bend or lose my gaze /// The water is still now in Your space The lake has fed but my gaze […]


My beautiful moonlight friend slip easily into sober magnificence /// Small sparkles move miles of wandering mind over and around deep crescent shaped pools of illusions /// Finally finding the calming one and falling softly and slowly as a trickle into the simplest startling mood *** **From Color in the Dark. Get your copy here.**

The Readers

Everything that separates skin from bone and dreams from the present, separates us from them. /// We are bound to each other by the danger that follows us intuitive types. /// Our thoughts are strung together with the moon and the rest /// of the world with membrane tissue. The world sleeps /// while we […]