Ex. 321: Pray

Pray. Repent. Forgive. Ask. Lie. Move. Cover. Over. Great. Amazing. Righteous. Herald. Communist. Agent. Glory. Moses. Drown. Water. Cry. Cover. Loose. Spiral. Taken. Stars. Universe. Ugly. Handsome. Nose. Apple. Fruit. Pie. Pi. Movie. Film. Darkroom. Glory. Gory. Agitated. Shaking. Morose. Nurture. Caring. Falling. Happy. Smiling. Marvel. Galactus. Sorrow. Impact. Impetus. Instigate. Inferior. Handling. Governing. Ringing. […]

Writing Tips for Beginners: For The Love Of The Craft

So, you want to write. To that I say welcome to the madness that is the writer’s club. Like all good creative professions writing is filled with as much triumph as it is heartache. Characters live. Characters die. Good ideas come and go. You will often feel like you’re in a race between getting your […]