Reflective Essay: Moral of MACE

Well, this is my last official MACE blog post. It’s crazy that I just started my course in September and it’s already June. My actual courses have ended, which means my workload is about to get quite a bit lighter. However, it also means that my class of international mates will be permanently broken up […]

LBF 2012: Day 3: Getting Into Pubbing and London Pub Fair

4/18/2012. Day 3 and the last day of the 2012 London Book Fair. Lots to talk about. Lets start with my first seminar. Getting into Publishing. It was hosted by Society of Young Publishers (SYP). If you don’t know who they are, check them out here. They host events that allow those interested in, or […]

London Book Fair: Day 2: The DARIAH Initiative and Giving Digital Content Value.

Day 2 (4/17/12). My day started late, well later than I wanted. I wanted to be at Earl’s Court by 9. I got there by 10. I missed a talk that I think would have been interesting. “Contract Copyright, Collaborate, and Communicate: The 4 C’s of successful publishing business models in the 21st century.” I’m […]