Ex. 321: Pray

Pray. Repent. Forgive. Ask. Lie. Move. Cover. Over. Great. Amazing. Righteous. Herald. Communist. Agent. Glory. Moses. Drown. Water. Cry. Cover. Loose. Spiral. Taken. Stars. Universe. Ugly. Handsome. Nose. Apple. Fruit. Pie. Pi. Movie. Film. Darkroom. Glory. Gory. Agitated. Shaking. Morose. Nurture. Caring. Falling. Happy. Smiling. Marvel. Galactus. Sorrow. Impact. Impetus. Instigate. Inferior. Handling. Governing. Ringing. […]

Ex. 499: Use an appliance in the first paragraph.

“If you can’t handle the kitchen, stay out…of…the…oven…or something like that.” Judian stared at Judith with a frown and irritation practically blowing out her ears. “No. it’s nothing like that. How do you…I have never known anyone who habitually gets idioms wrong. How do you even do that?” Judith stretched her arms. “Ah, that’s raw […]