Discover Authors Tour Day 9: Cross Hair (Trader of Souls, Book 1)

“Cross Hair” How strong is the emotion that drives a person to claim vendetta for the untimely death of a loved one? Can you love a person so intensely, that you can throw away everything, just to avenge his death? Can you sell your own soul, to ensure that the perpetrators pay for their crime? […]

Slowly, But Surely

Now that I have finished Demons of the Guilded (at least until my copy editor gets done with it) I can turn my focus to building the website for the series. This, so far, has been a two-day endeavor. Mostly, this is because of blocks when it comes to writing the descriptions, deciding what to […]

Another Snow Day Wednesday

Ex. #207: You have been locked away in a max security mental hospital.  Write about it. I can’t believe this is happening to me.  They think they can keep me here forever with their drugs and their double talk, but they’re wrong.  Try to save the world, blow up one little factory, and get thrown […]