Nano Day 13: Part One

With one hand, valpatine reached up and pulled what looked like a handle down from the ceiling.  Val then pushed up and put his eyes to something.  “Hm,” he said.  “You are not gonna believe this shit, mate.” He then pushes a button and you hear a noise like metal adjusting.  Val reaches for a […]

My New Book and NaNo Day 12

Alas!!! My first novel, The Demon Cleaner: Demons of the Guilded, is finally available.  There was a misunderstanding between myself, CreateSpace, and possibly myself so the title looks…um… backwards.  But no matter.  I’m sure it still reads the same.  If you would like a copy, you may go HERE or to the sidebar on your […]

NaNo Day 11: Part 3

Not a problem.  You use the momentum you already have built up and pin him to the wall.  You then take the opportunity to pull another blade and stab him in his side.  He grunts but he doesn’t yell.  You twist the blade as much as you can then rip the blade out.  You push […]

NaNo Day 11: Part 1

“Ey, man,” Valpatine calls, jolting you from your thoughts.  “Come stand over here.” You walk to the blue screen he has against one of the walls.  You smile and try to look like your smiling for the dmv camera, but there’s just too much on your mind.   “Ey, man, smile,” Valpatine tells you. “I am […]

NaNo Day Nine

After me, you think.  The people who are after me.  “I do not even know who the hell these people are.” “Yeah, well, unfortunately, we’re no closer now than we were before.”  Valpatine clears the screen then starts inputting other information.  At this point, your mind is completely overloaded.  You still have the headache that […]

Nano and Five-Min update

First, the NaNo update.  I failed.  I feel only slightly bad about this and only because I failed, not really because I didn’t complete the word count.  I had a feeling from the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to complete this year’s NaNo because of what’s going on with AFS fundraiser I’m working on.  […]

NaNo Day Seven, Part Two

“So, what’s this shit about your wife?” Valpatine asks. “What? You don’t know?” you ask. “I thought you’re always monitoring the police scanners and FBI radios in case they come looking for you.” “Well, yeah, of course I do. But I haven’t heard anything about you all day, not until you called me.” “Really? I […]

NaNo Day Seven: Part One

What the hell is this? And it is funny, for as shocked as you are that Lindsey is not only a part of what has been happening to you, but is also willing to help you, you are also not surprised considering the fact that your cousin was also in on it. It makes you […]