500 5-Minute Writing Exercises by Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq (Feb 25, 2011)
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There are no rules to use this book. Just relax, commit to an exercise, and set that clock to five minutes. Grammar is not the most important part of an exercise. The point is that you get used to just writing whatever comes to mind and seeing where the story takes you.

Do take chances and experiment with exercises, reverse them, manipulate them.

Demons Of The Guilded (The Demon Cleaner) by Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq (Jan 7, 2013)
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Demons, humans, vampires and no ring to rule them with. Humans fight vampires. Demons fight humans. But only the demon hunters can fight the heathens of hell.

The hunters are born not made. They can see the evil that crawls inside men’s souls and physically destroy it. Among this rare breed of human is Lillas Mehkinnan. Stronger and faster than most people (including her fellow hunters), the elements are her main weapons. She can conjure fire in a blink, making her demons’ main enemy.

After years of demon hunting, Lillas never met a demon she couldn’t send on the fiery train to hell. Never until she meets the demon lord. Vampires fear him. Humans don’t know him. But they’re about to get the rudest introduction in history.

If Lillas is going to stop the demon lord from tearing through humanity, she has to first stop him from ripping apart Guild City, her home. Assuming of course there’s any of it left after the humans and vampires are done.

Color in the Dark by Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq (Jan 17, 2013)

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A collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry.

They were the worst of times. They were the best of times. They were the times that wrote this book. Six years is a looooong time to spend on one writing project. But, while it should seem like it took forever, the time really flew by like a coke-addicted bat out of hell.

As the writer, I hope you, the reader, enjoy the ever-changing spiral that has shaped into the person I am today. These are the poems, short stories, and flash fics that helped pull me out of the darkest times in my life and hold in the warmth of light. If at some point during the book it sounds like I was verging on a mental breakdown…I probably was.

Love always and thank you.


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