Writing Tips for Beginners: The Skeleton: Writing your first draft

Now that you have your writing space and instruments all picked out, you’re ready to get your first draft written. Important to remember: your first draft will not be 100%. That’s okay. No one’s ever is. As many writers note, don’t worry about getting it right. Get it written. Anything that needs to be fixed […]

Writing Tips for Beginners #5: To do or not to do…an outline

Oooo, the outline. There are really only two schools of thought regarding the outline. Those who do and those who don’t. Let’s start with those who do why they do it, how they do it and how you can do it, too. If writing is a journey, the outline is your roadmap. It’s your ideas, […]

Discover Authors Tour Day 9: Cross Hair (Trader of Souls, Book 1)

“Cross Hair” How strong is the emotion that drives a person to claim vendetta for the untimely death of a loved one? Can you love a person so intensely, that you can throw away everything, just to avenge his death? Can you sell your own soul, to ensure that the perpetrators pay for their crime? […]

Discover Authors Tour Day 8: Ender’s Game

Andrew “Ender” Wiggin. Since Orson Scott Card wrote Ender’s Game, thousands upon thousands of young people have read it and thought “I am Ender.” Brilliant (we’d all love to be as bright as Ender), picked on, manipulated, misunderstood, yet ultimately triumphant (sort of?)… it’s easy to identify with him. The series continues through a number […]

Discover Author Tour Day 7: A Triumph For Sakura

And here’s what Nancy Kilpatrick, Canada’s Queen of Vampire Fiction Had to Say! “A Triumph for Sakura is Hunger Games, Fight Club and True Blood rolled into one bloody good novel. It’s non-stop action laced with hope and pathos as a mortal fighter, guided by a washed-up blood drinking trainer, carries the potential to alter […]