Discover Authors Tour Day 9: Cross Hair (Trader of Souls, Book 1)


crosshair“Cross Hair”

How strong is the emotion that drives a person to claim vendetta for the untimely death of a loved one? Can you love a person so intensely, that you can throw away everything, just to avenge his death? Can you sell your own soul, to ensure that the perpetrators pay for their crime?

The fast-paced, espionage based thriller, that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride, as Maria sets out to avenge the death of Ralph, her husband. Little does she know that the path she has chosen is anything, is so twisted that people often walk for ages, only to realize that they are back to the place from where they had started. Will the cruel jungles of South America dilute her passion for revenge? Will she survive the treacherous world of  the drug mafia? Is she the high priestess who holds the scepter of Justice, that needs to be meted out to the perpetrators of the crime, or is she just a puppet, dancing to the strings that control her?
The reader shall be surprised at quite a few crossroads, as they step into Maria’s shoes, and walk the tightrope of Vendetta. Read-on to know where it leads her…..

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