Discover Authors Tour: Day 3: Palingenesis




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The Book

When is a person not really a person? Zeb Johnston is a man who becomes obsessed with answering that question. Set in a future where human cloning has become an industry that feeds fantasies of violence and sex for those rich enough to pay, Palingenesis focuses on a wealthy businessman, Zeb Johnston, who enjoys hunting clones in simulation decks. When one of those clones shows human abilities he isn’t supposed to have, Zeb becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about the clones he has hunted. Meanwhile, he begins to be haunted by strange dreams of the mentally challenged brother he abandoned when he began his climb up the corporate ladder. After Zeb escapes with a clone he was supposed to hunt to the death, he is forced to seek the aid of his ex-wife, a human rights crusader, as he runs from corporate hired guns. Along the way he falls in love with a cloning bio-engineer who seeks the clone Zeb has helped to escape. As he sorts out his feelings about his past, the woman he loves, and his future, Zeb has to come to terms with what it really means to be human.

Palingenesis is a novel that has appeal for a wide range of readers, even those who may not ordinarily read science fiction. This is a novel with action, romance, futuristic elements, and even something for those who like to consider the deeper implications of our actions. I hope you will give it a try.

The book had a great deal of action and suspense which kept it moving and exciting, but what set it apart were the moral implications that were inherent in the book such as at what point should people interfere with genetics, and the aspect of what really makes us human.

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Why Palingenesis?

I am fascinated by both the possibilities and dangers that scientific innovation can hold. We need look no further than the current controversies surrounding government surveillance programs to see how the very scientific and technological advances that bring us so much pleasure and make life so much easier can also be abused. Palingenesis incorporates those issues by imagining a world where human cloning, with its great potential for medical benefits, is abused in the name of cheap thrills and corporate profits. At the same time, I have long been interested in the regrets that tear at so many human lives, especially in our modern, disconnected world; in Palingenesis we see characters haunted by their past actions who must try to find the right path to take in the present. These two concerns shape Palingenesis, and I believe they make it resonate powerfully in the world where we live.

About J. Lewis Bennett

I am a first-time novelist, but I have been writing my entire life. I have done so while pursuing a number of other careers, from computer technician to self-employed business person to part-time college instructor. Over the years I have filled up more notepads than I care to remember with all sorts of writing, from poetry to literary short stories to non-fiction. However, my passion has always been science fiction, especially science fiction about earth’s future that is concerned with how man adapts and reacts to technological and scientific changes. So, when I decided to write a novel, I focused on a story about a future where human cloning is possible. I believe this will one day come to pass, and I believe the ethical ramifications will be frightening as well as difficult to fit into our accepted moral paradigms. In the meantime, I live happily in Central Texas with my wife, two sons (only one still at home), and various four legged creatures, none of whom are clones.

Where to Get It

I hope I have caught your interest and you will want to read Palingenesis. If so, check out any of the links below.



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Sony Ebook Store

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Happy Reading!


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