No Pain. No Fear. What Humans Can Learn From Zombies About Determination

Lose an arm. Lose both arms, part of an abdomen, and half a leg. Means nothing. Nothing knocks a zombie off track. It is tunnel-visioned as it groans its way to its goal. What if more people were like this? Would we all be more successful?

Think about zombies for a moment. Just think about them. What do they do? Eat. (Unless they’re the 28 Days Later zombies who just destroy.) And they are on a mission. Nothing stops them but a bullet to the head.

Zombies don’t care how many, or if any, want the same thing. Competition neither encourages nor discourages them. And in the end they find that there’s enough to go around. And in fact, the more of them there are the more likely they are to succeed.

They don’t bicker. They don’t fight over who gets what. No one cares if they get the toe or the heart. It’s all the same to them. All that matters is the flesh. From where ever it comes, however it comes, they have reached their goal.

Be a zombie. Nothing but a headshot can stop you.


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