Casting Shadows Everywhere: Good Girls And Bad Boys: All About Perspective

casting shadows everywhereCasting Shadows Everywhere by L. T. Vargus has everything. Humor, suspense, death, mayhem, and destruction. And little bit of love. 15-year-old protagonist Jake has a sharp wit and incredible insight. He writes in his journal of his first crush and thieving with his convict cousin.

One of the things I found interesting was what one of the characters says about the good girl/bad boy dynamic. “…The Too Nice Guys…they just like this imaginary perfect girl in their head…And if they did figure out what you were really like, then maybe they wouldn’t like it so much.” — Beth. Many of us are aware of the idea that good girls like bad boys because they exude a sense of confidence and yadda, yadda. But then there’s also the perspective a good girl may have of a good boy being too good for her.

It really comes down to perspective, doesn’t it? How you see yourself and how you see others. A girl may think a boy is a saint because he does charity work, saves puppies, and gets along with everyone’s parents. Being around someone like this could encourage you to be a better person. Or bring to blaring light all your own faults.

Maybe which way you take depends on who you are. However, I consider myself a confident person I’ve got faults, but they don’t really bother me. We’re human. We’re supposed to have those.

And yet, I have been around people who tested my resolve, who, through no fault of their own, made me insecure. There were just so nice, and forgiving, handle conflict better than I ever could. I felt like I should behave when around them. Not in a phony way, but just try to be better. Certain things I would normally say, I kept to myself (probably should anyway, but whatever). Certain attitudes and temperaments I calm down.

But here’s the thing, that’s just my reaction to how I see them. I’m sure they see themselves quite differently. And not as some mythological creatures others make them out to be.

Bad boys and girls are asshole. Everyone knows that even them. Yet their faults are so loud that they allow others to cover their own. Maybe for some that’s enough.


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