My Bucket Is Empty

Everyone’s talking about bucket lists. People have things on their list like skydiving, water skiing, and snowboarding. (Ironically, all things that can get you killed.) You know what’s on my list?


Not because I’ve done everything I want to do in life. But if I were given, let’s say six months to live…let’s say a year, I could not get hardly anything that I want to do done in that time.

I want to finish the Demon Cleaner series (I’ve got about six books left.) I want a Pulitzer. I want to see one of my stories turned to film (in some form). I have ideas for an animated series that I want to do for YouTube. I have at least five languages that I want to learn. I don’t know how many countries that I want to visit. I want to travel the US and see friends and family scattered around. There’s a zombie project I’m working on with a friend.

None of these things I could do in that time at this time.

However, I can say that if I died tomorrow, I’d be happy. I’ve written four books, lived in England, been to like eight countries, several US cities.

I really can’t complain.


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