Writing Tips for Beginners #2: Pens to Paper: Writing Instruments Facilitate Your Creativity

Writing instruments seem like such a minute topic that it’s almost laughable to talk about. So why are we talking about it?

I’ll give you three reasons. 1.) J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter on a typewriter. 2.) My friend Gary Jackson wrote, “Missing You: Metropolis,” on a computer. 3.) I do most of my work in a notebook.

Just as important as knowing how to write is knowing how you write. You have to know what instruments are conducive to getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper where they belong. If you don’t already know what instruments help your creative process, experiment. Sit down and do a few five-minute writing exercises. Whichever instrument helps you get the most out of that five minutes, that’s probably the one you should go with.

And there is nothing wrong with being picky about these things. When I type, I only use Word. It has all of the options I need and I don’t have compatibility issues like I do with WordPerfect and Open Office. When I write, I use college ruled paper. I had been using Foray pens, but moved to Pentel Energel. However, the ink runs out quickly. I had used Target brand Up and Up. Didn’t like it as well. The ink wasn’t smooth enough or dark enough. I only write in black. And use other colors for notes, headers, and whatever extra information. I never use red. Hurts my eyes.

You are an artist. And just like with an artist your canvas and tools are important.


2 thoughts on “Writing Tips for Beginners #2: Pens to Paper: Writing Instruments Facilitate Your Creativity

    • Thank you. I’ve often found that when I can’t writer on paper, I can type. And vise versa. It seems like such a minute thing, but clearly it has a huge effect on how productive you are.

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