Ex. 181: You’re on a deserted island. The one thing you’d give

 anything to have with you has been destroyed. What do you have now?

Well, since the Starship Enterprise has been destroyed, which was the only thing I wanted, I guess all I have now is a phaser. I’m going to set that puppy to kill and go hunting. …For fish because I don’t kill and clean mammals. I think fish would be more to my abilities here.

For water, well since this is a tropical island, I’ll be using that phaser to cut down and open coconuts. And possible other fruits like mangoes.

For sleep/tent, I’ll have to resort to sleeping on beach, using giant leaves. Wait. This said nothing about the Enterprise being blown to smithereens. I’ll sleep inside it. I can’t sleep because I don’t trust the wildlife. Could be eaten by a wild polar bear. I’ll have to treat this like I would a zombie situation. Only go out during the day. At night stay indoors and quiet.

Since I have no communicator, all I can do…


From 500-5-Minute Writing Exercises. Available in print and ebook.



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