Ex. 499: Use an appliance in the first paragraph.

“If you can’t handle the kitchen, stay out…of…the…oven…or something like that.”

Judian stared at Judith with a frown and irritation practically blowing out her ears. “No. it’s nothing like that. How do you…I have never known anyone who habitually gets idioms wrong. How do you even do that?”

Judith stretched her arms. “Ah, that’s raw talent. That’s what that is.”

The two were trying to enjoy a nice lunch together as they did sometimes. One of their favorite places was the lounge down the street from them. They’d go there, eat, shoot some pool with the local pool junkies. Just enjoy life without their work. Judian at the computer place and Judith at the bank. Although, Judith seemed to really enjoy that bank job. Probably because she got to tell people” no” all the time. Quite possibly her favorite word.

Judian on the other hand, envied her sister’s work. A normal life, normal work. For her, the job at the computer place was just a front for what she really did. Analysis and security for the government. In other words, she analyzed the situation and secured the problem in by any means necessary.


From 500-5-Minute Writing Exercises. Available in print and ebook.



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