It Just Adds A Little Sparkle

“It’s not gonna make the whole thing go up in flames. It just adds a little sparkle.”

He’s insane, Mikki thought. He knew he shouldn’t have agreed to work with a man who insisted on calling himself “Jesus Christ: The Savior” the whole thing…everytime…or he wouldn’t answer As Mikki watched him douse the wood and sand in gunpowder he knew he made a big mistake.

“Listen,” Mikki said. “All I want to do is make the whole castle glass. Do we really need gunpowder, the contents of TNT for this?”

JCTS took out a cigarette, placed it in his mouth like he’d been coached by the best in Hollywood, then flicked open his lighter. After he lit it he said, “Listen here, son. This is not my first time at a bbq.”


**From Color in the Dark. Get your copy here.**



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