I Had It Flown In For Effect

I walked around the mansion. The moonlight made it look ominous, like Dracula was the architect. Strange considering I’d been here for breakfast and got no creepies whatsoever. It was just the full moon taking its effect on my nerves.

“Ms. Nawliss,” Coal said from behind me. “You seem lost.” His smile was infectious.

“No, I’m not lost, Mr. Forrest. I was just admiring your house.”


“Yeah. It looks different at night.”

“How so?”

“I don’t know. It has kind of a creepy vibe.”

He chuckled. “I know. When it’s a full moon I have the creepies flown in for effect. Women love it.”

Oh, he was funny. I smiled at his charming wit. “And yet you’re still single. Can’t imagine why.”

He held his hand out. “Please come. We’re all waiting for you.”


**From Color in the Dark. Get your copy here.**



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