The Beautiful Creature

She’s such a beautiful creature.  I love the way she stares at me, the tension in her eyes.  How her skin glows red like dragon fire.  Even when she tried to kill me, as she held her knife to my throat, I thought she was the most perfect woman in the world.  Her hatred of me rises as smoke from her beautiful, dark eyes; the ones she uses to glare and give sideways glances.  She’s my whole world, my whole life.  I dominate, maim, kill to protect her.  Nothing will touch her in harm nor love.  No man will look at her.  No one will love her, or hate her, save me.  And when her end comes I will be there before anyone else to kiss her one last time on her cold, hard lips and her soft brown hair.  I’ll do it all for her.  She loves me.  Only me.  I can see it in her hate, in the way her voice trembles when she speaks to me, the reasoning behind her lies, the way her neck moves when she swallows.  Everything she does she does in slow motion; she knows I’m watching.  I love how she tortures us both with her stubbornness, her unwillingness to relent.  She belongs to me.  There will never be anyone else.  I will destroy everyone, everything else.

She’s such a lovely one


*From Color in the Dark. Get the whole book here.***




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