Ex. 373: “…And with a temper quick as a razor blade.”

“Brilliant, beautiful, and with a temper quick as a razor blade,” Adam said.

“Really?” Judian asked. “I don’t know that I’ve heard her described that way. I have heard other things. Most of it not very flattering. But she does have a nasty temper. She’s gone through five phones in the last three months because she gets mad and throws them.”


“Yeah. So, be careful there.”

He scoffed. “I’ve faced worse than Judith Reich.”

“Well, you do know Bishop, so that it possible.”

“Ha! Try investors meetings. Talk about people with bad tempers. They get mad and can ruin your entire company.”

Judian smiled. She rather liked Adam. Something about his Irish charm. The fact that he was interested in her twin was really quite perfect. They’d make a good couple if she could stop being so abrasive. But hell, if he didn’t care, it just may work out. But most importantly, it would give Judith something to worry about besides Judian’s relationship (if you could call it that) with Asher.

“So,” Adam said. “What did you need to see me for? I trust it wasn’t to give relationship advice for dating your sister.”

“No. You have a problem. You’re going to need my help.”


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