NAK Untitled

I fought the war for you.

I battled your demons

while keeping peace

at your shore.

I ripped myself

Of religion, soul, and spirit

to build a lie

I could believe in.

I watched the river

erode at its base

to become a waterfall.

This was it, the end

Of the world they spoke of.


I saw you become a snake

and understood what you were,

still I held my hand

out to pet your head.

How foolish of me.

I watched the venom

crawl under my skin

and dig its way into

my veins.


I came back from the coma

new, unraveled, un-poisoned

and I found

in me what I’d been looking for…

a way to earn your approval.


But now that I am you,

You want nothing do with me.


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