The Indie Book Reviewers List | The IndieView

The Indie Book Reviewers List | The IndieView.

ATTENTION ALL INDIE WRITERS!! You need this. If you’ve not heard of this list, consider yourself notified.

As most of us know, once you write your book and get it into the market, one of the most important things that will make or break your sales is book reviews. We need these. But getting them can really hard for new writers. Book bloggers are wonderful, but finding someone who reads your type of book can be time-consuming. I’ve spent the better part of over two years trying to find a book blogger that would be willing to read my novel. Never found one. Many are so bogged down with other projects that they just can’t take any new ones.

Anyway, finding lists of people willing to read your work can be tedious. Many of the lists I’ve come across in the past just did not have enough information on the reviewer for me to know whether they accepted my form of writing.

Add to that the fact that most book bloggers need hard copies and there’s a whole new set of problems.

So yeah, all of this trouble has been solved by the amazing people at Indie Book Reviewers. They have a list of over 200 reviewers. And all of the basic information you need is right on the list. Before you even click on the links you can find out what types of books the readers accept. And everyone on the list accepts ebooks. Some prefer hard copy (I know I do in general), but they will read ebooks as well. Which for those of us without hard copies on hand, is a blessing.

And no. They did not pay me or ask me for this review. I just love the site so much that I have to share it. Have to. I know so many writers who could use this. And also a few book bloggers who could add their name to the list.

So, here you are. Enjoy.


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