Monday’s, Thursday’s, Free Book Friday’s

So, for the rest of the year, I will be doing two projects weekly. 5-Minute Monday and From the Dark Thursday.

5-Minute Monday will be a regular posting of flash fiction written from exercises in 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. You’ll be able to not only read my work, but also to see the exercise and write a 5-minuter of your own.

On Thursday’s I will post a variety of work from Color in the Dark. The book is complied of poetry, flash fiction, micro fiction, and short stories. Some have already been posted (click here.) Others will be new.

For the next five Fridays, starting this Friday (May 31st), The Demon Cleaner books 1 and 2 will be free on Kindle. So, if you have a Kindle, or the Kindle app, you’ll be able to check out the first two of a series that I have been working on for a long time. (A really, really long time.) Vampires, demons, witches, and weres. Really, everything I’ve ever loved in a story. Book three will be out next year. I will also be posting short stories and deleted scenes from the series. So, if you like the first two books, stay in touch with the characters during the downtime.

Aaaaand, that is it for now. Now that I’m done with Blood of the Hunted, I’ll be updating with other stuff more often. I’m to be meeting with a friend in two weeks for a Star Wars marathon. …You may want to keep up with Twitter for that as I’m sure the jokes will fly. I already have a few that I’m saving for the day.

At ease! Live long and Prosper! And May the Force with you!


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