My Favorite Show

So, let’s get a few things out of the way. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Elementary, The Big Bang Theory, CSI NY, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Black Dynamite, and a host of other shows (most of which I’m all caught up on). But apparently, my favorite of all shows, is…

merlin_promoHow do I know this? Well, of all of the above, I think I’ve watched every episode of Merlin at least three times. EVERY episode. I fell in love with the show about a week before it was set to end. I just shotgunned all five seasons. Thank God the Brits love short seasons or I never would have gotten my life back. I stream just about everything that I watch. So as I was watching one episode, I’d have the other already loaded and ready to go. It was constant…I understood what chain smoking felt like…you know…if you were chain-smoking crack.

So anyway, I completely fall in love with this show, as I was putting the finishing touches on my book (could not concentrate for shit). Then I find out that the show was only meant to have five seasons. Well, then I just had to catch up before the last two shows aired over X-mas. HAD to. Which I did. Obviously.

That finale…Oh my God…that finale. Even now, it’s been like two, three weeks since it aired. It still hurts to talk about. Even though I knew what was going to happen (because, like a good addict, I got caught up on my Arthurian Legend trivia) I was still not prepared for how scarring that last episode was going to be. I had to do something to combat that pain. I’ve watched the last episode I don’t know how many times. Just to try to desensitize myself. That helped. But it wasn’t enough.

Only one thing to do. Start from the beginning. And so began my rewatching of all five seasons. First I hunted down all of the Gwen/Arthur episodes. I always thought their relationship just kind of happened rather suddenly. They didn’t really take any notice of each other before episode three in season two. Then they just couldn’t be separated. But they were a cute couple. Amazing on-screen chemistry (I don’t care how mechanical Bradley and Angel say those scenes are). After that happened, the only thing left to do was to watch all of my favorite episodes then all of the episodes.

All of this is in addition to all of the YouTube videos I’ve been watching and re-watching. Which includes what is maybe my favorite YouTube clip of all time.

I bookmarked the Twitters of all the cast members (minus Colin Morgan who doesn’t have a Twitter). Then of course, there’s Facebook. And all of the wonderful pages dedicated to the show.

As for the finale, I thought it was amazing. Even though it did completely break my heart, they ended it well. I would however, have loved one more season where we see the difference in Merlin and Arthur’s relationship after the king finds out the truth about his best friend for life.

I was upset with Arthur in the second-to-last episode. How could he say something so hurtful to Merlin? After everything they had been through, for what must have been at least ten years, Arthur should have known that if Merlin couldn’t ride out to doom with him, that there was a good reason. No matter what the danger was, Merlin was right there with Arthur. The world’s worst servant, but best friend a man could have. Hearing Arthur say what he said to Merlin in that episode really disappointed me.

But alas, the show has ended. The producers gave us five amazing years (or in my case an amazing four weeks) and for that I do thank them. They’re talking about a movie. …I’m not excited about this. I haven’t read yet what they’re planning to do, but from the way the show ended, I don’t know how a movie could add anything. Colin was saying that he thinks a movie could leave fans “unsatisfied.” I’m inclined to agree with him. The producers are saying that a movie would have to be a reboot. So I guess we’ll just wait to see what happens.

Yes, so favorite show. Merlin. Definitely. If for no other reason than all of the stalking I’ve been doing since I started watching it. I even watched Fast Girls just because Bradley James is in it. (Here are his scenes.) Alexander Vlahos will be staring a new show called “Privates.” So, I’ll be checking that out as well. And whatever else the rest of the cast is up to, I’ll be checking that out as well. Ahh, addiction. Don’t ever leave me.


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