So Much New Stuff

So, according to my archive, December 2012 didn’t exist. But it did indeed. I turned 31 on the 3rd of December. Had a great time ice skating then sharing dinner with friends. For some reason I completely forgot about this blog, which is strange to me. But I did. It happened.

Other things that are going on. As of yesterday, I have been 31 for a month. As you may or may not know, I consider my birthday to be my new year. I try to track my personal progress from month to month. So far, I’ve completed my novel The Demon Cleaner Book One. I think this is the first time that I’ve completed it and been really, really happy with it. I feel confident that I took the rewrite in the right direction. I slowed down the story a lot and spent much more time with the characters. It feels really good. I’m very excited and cant wait for people to read it and tell me what they think. At present, the story is in the very capable hands of Kristin Bergene. She is one of my closest mates. We had writing class together and worked together on each others stories. I completely trust her to tell me what’s good and what needs more work. As soon as she’s done (which she says will be around the 27th) I can make those changes (I’m hoping there’s nothing too heavy, just some grammar and spelling maybe) then I’ll be ready to publish.

I cut my hair. I’ve cut out most of the relaxed part and will be focusing on growing and maintaining my natural hair. I cannot tell you how relieved it’s been to not have to worry about how my hair looks. I’ve not been happy with my hair for over a year now. I had messed it up from over processing before I moved to England and I guess never really recovered properly from that. It had been growing, but then it just wasn’t growing anymore. I think it may have even started breaking off again about a month or so ago. So I had to make a decision. I’m currently applying for teaching jobs in Taiwan. I figure, if I move there with a year-long contract, the likelihood that I’ll find black hair processing products is pretty slim. So really, it came down to do I cut my hair now, or later? i decided now. I’ve been considering doing this for a while. But a couple days ago i was like fuck it. It’s a new year. I’ll have been 31 for a month. It’s time to make some changes and do things differently. So here we are.

Now that I’m done with my story, I’ve been back to applying for jobs in full force. Taiwan is my primary focus, but I may start applying to S Korea also just to have a backup plan I guess. I really don’t want to move to S. Korea though. I feel like learning Chinese (which I would do while in Taiwan) would benefit me more than learning Korean. At some point in the future (couple years or so) I’ll be living in NYC. Knowing Chinese would be a lot more useful there. Of course Spanish would be the most useful, but I won’t be able to qualify to teach in S. America until I’ve taught full-time for at least a year. A lot of the countries down there require at least a year, some require two.

My ultimate plan for the next five years is this: teach for two years which will qualify me for the Ed. D. program, move to NYC for the first year of my Ed. D. program and NYU (I believe physical presence is required the first year), teach for a year in another country while working on my doctorate, that last year i will either be teaching in yet another country, moving back to NYC, or back to London. Jury’s still out on those options.

Somewhere in there I’ll have finished books 2-4, be working on my magazine, and maybe even a little music, but we’ll see.

In other news, I love Merlin. I am still so sad that it’s over. I’ve been re-watching episodes and a bunch of stuff on youtube to make myself feel better. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the writers and actors do next.


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