Slowly, But Surely

Now that I have finished Demons of the Guilded (at least until my copy editor gets done with it) I can turn my focus to building the website for the series. This, so far, has been a two-day endeavor. Mostly, this is because of blocks when it comes to writing the descriptions, deciding what to put on the pages, and generally figuring out what it is that I want the page to do.

I think my first priority is getting all of the pieces of the page together. I know the page names that need to be here, but filling them with content is proving difficult. Critical writing is not my strongest point and this showing to be a challenge. The main things is determining how much information I can give without giving the story away or completely overwhelming the reader with too much information. There’s always that fine line with me between giving all of the details and giving nothing.

Keep up with the site. I’ll be doing great things. …Eventually. 🙂


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