Thankful for My Heritage

Today is Thanksgiving. I know it has a rather dubious history, but still, the idea of taking at least one day of the year to voice a few things you’re thankful for does have merit.

I would like to take this opportunity to be thankful for my heritage. That being an American woman of black, Blackfoot Indian, and French ancestry.

Sometimes I’m proud to be American. Other times I think, why should I be proud? I was only born there. That was all my parent’s doing and took no work on my part. But then I look at my life and at the history of my country. We’ve come a long way since the settlers wiped out the natives. I’ve had the privilege of living in four states, being educated to my Masters, and living in two countries on two continents.

Today, I will have Thanksgiving in London, England surrounded by friends of many different cultures and countries. Most of the food served for dinner may not even be American. It will be my first international T-Day. I’m very excited about this. Which is what led to this blog post.

My home still has a lot of work to do. We have a long way to go before we see the changes in the society that we truly need. Even with this fact, I still consider myself patriotic. To me, being patriotic doesn’t mean agreeing with everything your government or people do, but rather seeing the potential in both and willing to help build on that potential to make the country better.

I feel like myself and others like me are a sign of that great potential. That a female child of slaves, an all but extinct people, and the French, can go to a foreign country and be educated without any problem is a sign of how far my country has come. I like to think my ancestors would be proud to know that their suffering wasn’t a complete waste, that there are people like me who appreciate the opportunity they died to give. And that makes me proud of, and thankful for, my heritage.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’All!!!!!


One thought on “Thankful for My Heritage

  1. Absolutely fabulous …thanks for sharing with me…my family line is made up of Black American slaves Blackfoot Indian Gulla and German … again the words are very much appreciated especially when I make great effort not to participate in any of these American traditions …. yet due to the people being off work and free to share with family in friends as they would most likely do more often if we were not still bound to the rules that govern our lives and leave us so drained we are not able to muster energy to share much of ourselves with the family we share households with … so even to date I find myself creating excuses in my own mind for spending time with family on the holidays that I really feel strongly against … thank you ruling class for more of what you have always given what you do best… control lord over enslave!!!!!!

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