Rape Is NOT A Method of Conception

Rape is not a method of conception. Women are not incubators. Women are not breeding mares. Women are human beings. If your “Pro-Life” stance does not include the life of the woman, you are not pro-life. You’re just anti-abortion. You are pro-your beliefs. You are pro-apathy.

I find it interesting that most people who say they are pro-life couldn’t give a damn less what happens to the baby after it’s born. Keep it. Give it away. Just don’t use their tax dollars to feed, clothe, shelter, medicate, or educate it. And when it turns 18 they are more than happy to send it off to kill or be killed. You cannot treat people like this and call yourself pro-life.

Paul Ryan, Romney, and most of the republican party and their supporters think the only purpose women serve is to have babies. To that end we are to keep our mouths shut and our wombs open to whatever comes in whether we want it or not. They are against contraception, so women and couples who don’t want to have children would be left with few choices. Ryan calls rape a method of conception.Meanwhile, Joe Walsh says that the life of the mother is not an instance under which he would allow an abortion. Neither cares about what the woman wants.

I think about the women who are raped every day in the US and around the world. I think about how the slave owners would rape the slave women in order to have more slaves to sell and/or abuse. I think about all of the women tied down, beaten, and violated until the rapist decides he’s done with her.  To put these acts in the same line as consensual sex, IVF, and surrogacy requires a level of antipathy for human beings as a whole only seen in serial killers.

Then after the rape, if she’s pregnant, legislators would force her to wait 270 days to heal the way she wants or needs to. This is not how you treat people. You cannot do this to those who are already here then call yourself pro-life.

I used to think that republican party hated women. Then I looked at the amount of war they want to start and all of the social safety net programs they want to cut and realized that they just hate people. How else could you excuse calling 47% of the American population lazy good-for-nothings who won’t take responsibility for their lives? How else could you excuse wanting to go to war with Iran before exhausting every single option? How else can you excuse demonstrating for the Vietnam War then running off to Paris?

Republicans want to cut funding for PBS, education, welfare, firefighters, and police officers.  They have even admitted that their first priority is not the American people, but to deny President Obama a second term. “We The People” mean nothing to their party or their supporters.

Rape is not a method of conception. Rape is a violent vile act of aggression against, not just women, but society as a whole. But instead of taking care of the needs of the victim, these pro-apathetics would rather reward the rapist with fatherhood. The fact that they call themselves pro-life is insulting to those of us who do actually care about the lives of those who are already here and put their care before those who may or may not be.

What’s even sadder about these people is that they have no constitutional or religious basis for their belief that women have no importance in the matter of child-bearing but to bear the child. They think life begins at conception. God says otherwise. Adam wasn’t alive until he took his first breath. Passages in the bible confirm that a child isn’t alive until after breathing of God’s spirit.

Rape is not a method of conception. I have no respect at all for anyone who says otherwise. If the woman (the person who is alive and here already) decides to keep the child, that needs to be her choice. She’s going to have to be the one to decide how to explain to the child its origins. Does she lie? Does she tell the truth? That’s her decision. What if she’s married? What if she’s married and has other children. What do they do?

This is not about politics. This is about people. You cannot treat people this way. God can see these pro-apathetics and how they treat people who are already alive and here. And God will judge them on how they treat the living. I have no respect for anyone who thinks it’s okay to treat people who have suffered such a horrendous crime in this way. There are 11 and 12 year-old girls who are raped repeatedly. Who are brutalized. Who have no way to stop a man from tearing her apart as he forces himself inside of her. People who are more concerned about forcing their beliefs on her than they are about her are no different than the rapist.

Women are not breeding mares. Women are not incubators. Women are human beings. Rape is not a method of conception.


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