Camden and Abbey Mills: What I learned

Last week (Apr 11 & 15) teams Curpy and Flow made our first ventures to market fairs outside of KU. the marks we get for our businesses will be based on not how much money we make (since they’re not expecting us to make any), but on the effort we put into making money. We want good marks (and to make money) so we’re trying whatever avenues we can.

Simone of Curpy and Kalina of Flow at Camden

Our first stop was Camden, then Abbey Mills. Camden cost the teams five pounds each. Abbey was free, which was good because we didn’t make any sales at Abbey. Curpy made our five pounds back at Camden, which was not the goal, but you know…

Kin of Curpy at Camden

I would attribute our financial non-success at the two venues on several factors. It’s really hard to sell stuff in bad weather. The weather wasn’t that great at Camden, but at Abbey it was awful. It was cold and rainy. I would say it’s hard to sell unfamiliar items in bad weather, but even the jewelry sellers at Camden and the the lady next to us who sold home-decorated kids’ clothes (Angela of Petit Soleil) didn’t sell much if anything. There were a lot browsers, but no buyers.

Flow scarves. I love the pink

Another observation was that our stands need explanation about the product. People stop at the front of the package. Most didn’t flip over the back to see what our products are or how they work. Hopefully, Mr. Kanin C. will have that ready for our next experience. We would love to sell our products in more stores, but if someone has to constantly be there to explain it, that’s not going to work.

Curpy current setup. It's good see what needs to be changed for outside markets.

Flow is having the same problem. I went to Abbey Mills with Julie O. Her solution was to get a dummy head. She was able to borrow one from another vendor and take some photos of the head wearing the flow scarf. We actually wear the scarves at the markets, but it’s not enough. so, we’ll see if these new things will help.

Curpy and Flow at Abbey

Curpy will also be branching out into Ebay and trying to get into a design store here in the Southbank shopping area. We also are planning another venture in the marketplace. We have plans for Spitalfields, a place in Richmond, and Brick Lane all planned collaborations with other teams. We have our final reports on our teams May 3rd. We’re trying to have as much to show as possible.

Manny head has the Flow


2 thoughts on “Camden and Abbey Mills: What I learned

  1. Great pictures and reflection! I feel, that the people on either of those markets were not the ones we are targeting at and also, as you observed, the weather plays a crucial role, when trading at an open-air market.

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