Market Place Trade Fair

So, my original post was deleted. But I am moving on. My team (Curpy) and I had a great time at both the fairs setup by our professor Dr. Beaumont. (go here for pics of both days: ). At the market place trade fair we did really well. We won the 100 pounds prize for best stand, product, and sales pitch. We felt really good about that. We didn’t win anything at the last trade fair or the Bright Ideas competition, so this felt really good. Other teams won 40 pounds for either best stand, product, or sales pitch. Congratulations to all of those teams as well.

Curpy was completely unprepared for the first trade show. I think we forgot about it. We didn’t have any real ideas for setup or anything. It worked out okay in the sense that our table was organized and had business cards. However, we were able to get a look at other tables and see that we really needed to work on our presentation. One of the best tables was Pop Cup. Their stand was all colorful. It was really attractive.

Our second attempt was much better. We had really nice stands courtesy of teammate Simone, we had table cloths courtesy of teammate Kin, and a new colorful product, the bookpuller.  

At fair two, John Lewis reps were there. They gave us a lot of really good feedback that we’re planning to implement in our future endeavors.

It was a good day. I can’t complain.

In a side note, the adverts for the MACE teams are up. Check them out here.


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