I'm in Italy!!!

Alright, I have been horribly remiss in keeping up with my blog. Here’s what’s going on cliffnotes style.

I am currently on vacation in Italy. I’m staying with my brother, his fiancee, and my 11-month-old nephew. He has a backyard view of the alps. (Pics to come later). We’re in Aviano which is an hour away from Venice. We haven’t had a chance to visit Venice yet, but we’re working our way there.

Other things that have kept me occupied are two assignments. I have a 5,000-word story due and a 3,000-word critical paper due. The story is due on the 11th and the paper is due on the 9th. So far, neither is looking that good. I have a week to get references for my theories and to finish edits on my story. I’ve sent my story to one of my classmates who is supposed to get back tome on changes i need to make. that was a couple of days ago. haven’t heard back from her yet. she’s on vacation also so…you know. and i don’t know what i’m going to do about my paper. i decided that i would rather have something to turn in than not. so i’m just writing my ideas and theories and will be looking for work to back them up afterwards. it’s been really hard to find people to back up that disintermediation is a good thing for the publishing industry and why. so… there’s that.

welp, i have to go now. we’re all going to a friend of my brother’s for lunch…or something. I’ll let you know how the assignments go.

Cheers from Italy.


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