I Am Not Paying Attention

This is my first post of the month. I swear, it feels like I had September, October and now we’re in December. I have to read previous blog posts to figure out what the hell happened to November. I read a Tweet from Wil Wheaton. Apparently, he lost his November as well. Maybe it was a world wide phenomenon that didn’t get reported, like a secret alien invasion or something.

In other news, Happy birthday to me!!! I am very excited that I have lived to see my 30th birthday at least in England. It’s not quite 12am yet in The States. Oh, yes you read that right. It is 12 am right now. I’m supposed to be recovering from my day at class and the introductory part of a publisher’s conference called Publishing Now 2011. I will be posting more about my experience at the conference on my other blog Nadi 2.0.

For this blog, I will be discussing what I learned from our guest speaker today in class. Well, one of the things. The man is a wealth of information about turning a start-up into a successful business. His name is Rob Fitzpatrick. He runs a program called The Startup Toolkit. One of the things that he stressed the most is making yourself available to your public, the people you want to trust you enough to buy your product. One of the best ways for doing that, is to blog…a lot.

Mind you, I’m no stranger to blogging and social media as a whole. I’ve been blogging off and on for about two years now give or take. I also have a new Facebook page and Twitter that I’ve been experimenting with for a while. However, what I was missing was consistency. Blogging off and one gets you nowhere. You have to be consistent.

He showed us a graph of his blogging stats. The first two years where he was just blogging whenever he thought he had a good idea he didn’t hardly get any visitors and definitely no one was following his blog. But in the year that he spent blogging everyday, he started getting so many people who were interested in him and what he was doing.

Blogging also became a way for him to get employers and investors interested in his work. He would walk into interviews and not even have to introduce himself or what he was about because the people he was meeting with had already read his blog. This got me really excited. I can blog. I blog easier than I talk. I only talk if I feel I need to share a story to keep a conversation going. My first preference is to listen to others. But listening to Rob got me really, really excited.

Unfortunately, I’m not very disciplined. History has shown that consistently doing the same over and over again, even when it’s a good thing, has been a problem for me. It is a problem that I have been working hard to alleviate, however, I’ve never really had the motivation. Even when I know the end results will be good for me, I still don’t stick with things usually for more than a couple of weeks. I decide I’m not getting results fast enough and start trying to do other things.

Fortunately, I needed something else to add to my list of six. (Six goals to accomplish in six months). This would be perfect for that. I have four blogs that run: Curpy, Nadi 2.0, Blue Ships Magazine, and this one. My goal before June 3rd is to post once a day on each blog for at least 30 days. According to Rob, the posts don’t have to be the elaborate brilliant things. They should have some information about what the blog is about, however it’s really just let people know that you are alive, you’re serious about what you’re doing, and you’re paying attention to them.

I think I can do that.




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