Everything In Its Right Place

So, the other day I as I walking around my room, I felt this slight pain in my big toe. I thought I had gotten a little piece of glass stuck in it. I took my sock off because I thought surely glass had gotten stuck in my sock and was sticking me.

I stand up and walk around some more. Still feel like I’m being stuck. Okay, I must have a small piece actually stuck in my toe. I sit and begin my examination. I apply some lotion because it’s winter and my skin is dry so the point that it’s white. Once I’m able to see clearly, I notice that there’s a little tiny lint of a hair still on my toe. I try to wipe it off. Nothing. It’s like it’s stuck to my toe. which is ridiculous.

I try to wipe it off again. It’s still there. I’m thinking I must be going about this all wrong. I use my fingernail to try to grab it and pull it off. That doesn’t work. I grab my tweezers so I can scrape it off. That doesn’t work.

It is as this point that it occurs to me that, against my better reason and logic, I have to come to grips with the fact that the thing that has been sticking me all morning is in fact a hair lodged in my toe. I don’t understand this. I cannot comprehend what’s going on.

How the hell does a hair get stuck in one’s toe? How does that happen. And I knew I had problems when I tried to pull it out and it hurt. Not like a bitch, but it was really uncomfortable.

After several minutes of trying to get this stupid hair out of my toe and get ready for class at the same time, I finally just had to bit the bullet. I walked around all day with this hair in my toe. A hair.

It was at this point that the main thing I have come to believe over the last few years was even more confirmed. Nothing should ever be where it’s not supposed to be. Everything has to be in its right place. Even the slightest change and we feel it.

From a scientific perspective  nothing is ever not in its right place. From a physical perspective, anything that is not where it should be, causes pain. Pain is life’s way of telling you something is not right and needs to be fixed.

It was just a hair. but toes are not made to hold hair. That’s what we have heads for. And there you have it.


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