Launch 48 Day Three

So, I got home last night from the last day of Launch 48. Passed out almost immediately. I’d say I was awake for maybe…maybe, an hour before I couldn’t keep my eyes opened anymore. I was responding to friend’s messages with my eyes closed. (Good thing I’m a decent typist).

Today, however, I’m wide awake (kind of) and can tell you about the last day of Launch 48. I must say, it went really well. I really enjoyed the last day, not because it was the last day, but I had an actual assignment, things I could work on that were inside the scope of my expertise.

We had to present our idea to the whole group yesterday. So, we spent all day doing that. We were debating on Saturday night whether we wanted to come in at 9:30 or 12. We opted for nine. And was a damn good thing too because we spent the whole time getting ready for our presentation at 5pm. If we had come in any later, I don’t know what we would have done. It was one of those situations where obstacles showed up one after the other. We had just finished when Launch co-founder Ian came into the room and told us we needed to be heading to the big conference room where everyone would be presenting.

Considering we put this together in 48 hours, I think the presentation went really well. Here is the slide presentation we did.

StyleTab Prezi

For my part of the presentation I wrote the tags for our team members and the marketing plan. I’m actually quite proud of those. Everyone thought the team tags were really funny and cool. Makes me smile.

I spent most of my time yesterday working out our media relations and making people could find us on the web really easily. I also had the pleasure of being able to sit with a mentor named Mark who gave me really good suggestions on other marketing strategies that I could take. These were tips that I can use with my other endeavors as well. I was really happy to talk to him.

Where we go from here? I don’t really know. The founders say to take a couple of weeks off before we decide that we want to take on the project full time. With my schooling, I don’t know what I could commit full-time, but I would love to do it part-time. I could do most of the marketing from my computer in which case it wouldn’t interfere with my other projects…which I also do from my computer.

All-in-all I’d say it was a really good experience. It was a little rough at first, I’m really glad I stuck it out. It turned out to be a really good opportunity. I would love to do it again next year. Or maybe even see what other opportunities like it exist and do a few throughout the year. We’ll see.



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