Launch48 Day One

Alright, I went to Launch 48 with my dear friend Simone Nozaki. Let me start by saying, we were late. We got there around quarter to 8pm and the program started at 6. It really wasn’t our fault though. Our bus didn’t arrive until six from uni. I say that to say this, it’s hard enough to go to a program you’re already really nervous about, but then to arrive late…

So, we get there, the lady checking us in is not too happy and reminds us that we’re late. Still, she was very diligent and made sure we knew what needed to have where we needed to go for the first day of the program. She gave us these tags:

My launch 48 tag

Now, it is important to note several things about this tag. Most importantly, I had no idea what any of these options really meant to these people. What I did know was that I’m not currently what I would consider to be a business person. I’m also not going to design much of anything, nor am I efficient at marketing. So, by default, I had to pick development. (Important to note: I don’t really know what “development” means either. But I figured of the three I could finagle with meaning of this attribute a lot easier than the others).

We get to the meeting auditorium and they’re going through pitches. It doesn’t look like we missed a whole lot, but I’ll to verify that with the people tomorrow (…morning…really early in the morning). Up until that point I still had no idea what I was going to pitch. I was really worried that either Simone or myself would get called up to say something as punishment for arriving so late. But that didn’t happen. Thank the Lord.

what did happen was we had the opportunity to listen to other’s ideas and get a feel for what we would be working on. I did in the middle of the pitching have an idea that I really wanted to pitch, but I was to afraid to to say anything. However, it kind of turned out to be a rather good thing as I could have ended up being asked questions for which I had no answer.  It’s actually a pretty decent idea. I’ll explain at a later date.

The most popular idea ended up being an app called “Streat.” Yes, it’s misspelled on purpose. I’ll explain the concept at a later date. But when I say everyone wanted in on this guy’s idea, I do mean that literally. It’s a really, really good idea for an app that I wish I had now.

Anyway, I’m not on that team. There were already so many people lined up to work with that guy that Simone and I decided to work on another project. This one deals with fashion retailers and is a way to make it easier for consumers to find clothing that they need. I’m not really sure on the specifics on this, but I’ll know more tomorrow.

More on this tomorrow. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. I’ll try to keep the updates on Launch regular. If you get a chance, check out the website. It’s a really exciting program for people interested in the business field.



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