Launch 48 Day Two

Unfortunately, I waited too late to do this post; it may not be as in depth as I would like as I’m running on fumes at this point. But all gaps shall be filled at a later date.

So, day 2 of my first Launch 48 experience. We have 12 people on our team. But we have smaller teams of people who specialize in four different areas. You may remember the tag from yesterday. In case you forgot, please see post below.  The four teams are business, development, marketing, and design. I once was in the development team. Feeling very over my head with that title, I switched to marketing. I now feel much more at east. Thinking up and writing words. I can do that. No finagling needed.

Our original idea (which I’ll explain at a later date) was challenged by a group of people who have been successfully doing what we’re trying to do to. They pointed out some very huge flaws in our idea. By the time they were done, we were pretty much left with the nothing but bones and faint memories of what we were going to do. At this point, I was ready to say a eulogy and start thinking of another project to work on with the same team. But we sat together for a while…a while…and a little while longer. Eventually, we were able to narrow down our project to an app that would allow people to shop for clothes on iPad. This is a much better, much easier, project to tackle than what we were originally going to do.

Finally, we have a name for the site. Check it out. Now, that we have a name, the marketing team can start marketing something tangible (well, as tangible as it can be in the e-world). I actually have to make preparations for our presentation tomorrow afternoon, which is what I’m going to do as soon as I’m done with this post.

I think we have a good start to a good idea. We’ll see how it all goes tomorrow.



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