Friday (the 14th) myself and class went to the Frieze Art fair. It was quite the event. First off, 15 pounds (27.50 day of) it was the most expensive art fair I’ve ever been to. But as soon as you walk in, you can see where that money went. This place is not in a regular building. It’s in a park…underneath a tent. And they build everything. They built the restrooms, the walls that the artists use for display, the wooden ramps, they add carpet; it is spectacular the amount of work that goes into this place. Had I been thinking, I would have taken pictures of all of that…but I didn’t. And I don’t really know how I would have taken pix of the restroom without getting kicked out of the fair.

I did manage to take pictures of the artwork that I found rather fascinating.

The Big Picture

This is not a photo. It is a painting

I took a ton of pictures at the fair. The above are two of my favorites. You can see the rest here.

The fair is very posh. Everyone was dressed very nicely (smart, as they say over here), which I thought was interesting considering you’re under a tent. But I feel like that’s part of the atmosphere they create. They build their own everything.

As far as the experience goes, I don’t know that enjoyed it any more or less than other shows I’ve been to. I don’t have a good enough artistic eye to know if the quality of work was any better than at other shows. I just know when I like a piece and when I don’t’.  Speaking of which, my professor said that they but the better most respected artists at the front of the tent and they progress downward towards the restaurants. I couldn’t really tell the difference. Any of them could have been in the front or the back. I mean, obviously the ones I personally didn’t appreciate I would have put in the back, but you know, that’s just me.

As far as whether I’d go again, I don’t know that I would. Maybe if I knew some of the artists or speakers who were presenting, I would. It wasn’t a bad experience. But I don’t know that it’s something I would want to do every year.  I definitely recommend art enthusiasts go at least once.


One thought on “Frieze

  1. About the way people were dressed, maybe it’s all a part of the “act”. It’s kind of an expencive fair to get in to, and I’m sure the art their wasn’t really cheap. So people coming there maybe want to “fit” in, be important, and look rich!? And I’m sure a lot of the people there was rich as well!! But why does the people who say they are really interested in art, feel they have to be so posh, and upper-class? (well, this is just my view of it of course) I understand that some art is expencive, cause it is the work of an artist who also needs to live of the income, but why should art like that be so difficult for “normal” people to access?

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