Social Experiment Two

Friday, my Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship teacher Dr. Corrine sent the class on a little mission. We were to go around Kingston Hill campus and ask random people about their shoes.  The point of the exercise was to do market research to find out why people buy the shoes they buy then think of a product that would fit the need of the shoe buyer.

We talked to five boys and five girls. After making them think harder about their shoes than they ever had in life, the five us came up with these results.

Deciding Factors When Buying Shoes.

#1 Comfort (b&g)

#2 Color (b&g)

#3 Price (b&g) Average cost of shoes was around 62 pounds

#4 Brand (b)

#4 Matches Clothes (g)

Another thing that came up with the boys was that many of them said they buy certain brands of shoes for certain things. So they’re shoes have to have a particular purpose. The girls however, just bought the shoes they liked.

After this experiment, we met back at class and were given our next assignments. Now that we had some observational research, we had to make a shoe prototype and create and persona and story to fit the shoe. We told to use only the things we had in our backpacks/purses/etc. to make the prototype. (I know right?)

We gathered and went through a collection of random stuff and put together a shoe made from a water bottle, paper, and I think we got some glue somewhere. We didn’t have anything to cut the bottle with, so it was just a bottle sitting atop a couple of folded sheets of paper.

It didn’t look like much, but idea was pretty cool. The shoe was a low-heeled sandle. It had a detachable heel for when the wearer wanted a nice pair of flats and it had an anti-microbial layer to protect the shoe from bacteria. The story was something along the line of: Tanya is a 22-year old law student. Sometimes she wants to wear heels, sometimes she doesn’t and she has sweaty feet.

The story a lot better than what I just posted above, but I don’t remember the whole thing. That was the idea of it though.


One thought on “Social Experiment Two

  1. It was a really entertaining class and it was interesting to see what other came up with. I liked the fancy work done on some of the shoes though. Although, I thought they could have been a little more original. One of them, if I can remember correctly was wrapped entirely in paper!

    I guess market research like what we experienced applies to almost everything if we want to setup our own businesses. It is only through market research we can find answers. It would be fun to carry out such a task on such a large scale in a real business environment. I wonder what’s the daily routine for people who work in market research companies like. I’d get bored for sure!

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