Tent and Designers Block

It is design week in London. Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of attending two different design shows: Tent and Designer’s Block.  Both shows were spectacular. But I only have pictures of one. Let me say this. I have been to many artsy shows in my life. And they never allow pictures. Designer’s Block is the first show that I can remember where I took pictures and no one said anything. I’m finding picture-taking to be a necessary part of this blog. So, I’ll be taking more pix when possible.

Now, on to the show. Tent was particularly special for me because Kingston U had the whole basement sectioned off for their 2010/2011 grad students’ final projects. The upstairs was for the pros. I loved, loved the KU students’ work. It was very experimental and a little rough around the edges.

The ones that stood out for me are the jacket made of mold. Oh, yes. You read that right. Mold. Nastiness. It was some kind of clear plastic and inside was mold of various shades of green. While I applaud the boldness of the concept, I couldn’t touch it. It was mold.

Another one that tripped me up was the projection on the ground of what looked like children playing on rocks or a some kind of beach. It was very unclear what was going on as all you could see were the kids’ hands and feet occasionally. But I remember standing there trying to figure out what the hell was going on. So that was pretty cool.

On the pros side upstairs there was the metallic melting chair. I would love to own that chair. It would be like sitting on the T-1000.

At Designer’s Block, I did take some pictures of some pretty amazing things. One of the most notable being the furniture and table wares hanging upside down.

I've gone upside-down

giant helium balloons.

I could not find out who was responsible for the hanging everything. But they did an awesome job.

Another thing I really loved were these chandelier’s made of leather.

Light of a goth's life

This light was made by these guys.

Other things that caught my eye were these:

Marlene Hartmann Rasmussen

Marlene Hartmann Rasmussen

Moon Jung

Moon Jung

Revolution Series - Vase

Revolution Series - Vase




At Farmiloe Building. You can put your face in these

Nadine Spencer

Nadine Spencer

I didn't get this designer's name. Fail.


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