Hello world!

Welcome to my second blog. Unlike my first blog at nadiyahak.com, this blog will focus on the work I’m doing while at Kingston University.  This blog is actually required for my class (i.e my teacher is making me do it), which is kind of ironic because I used to blog a lot before I started making preparations for class. I will also be back to using my Twitter account. So, I’ll be getting back into my old social habits. Which I’m really happy about.

One new thing has come up though. I have to learn this site called Delicious.com. I guess it’s a bookmarking site kind of like Stumble…but different…or something. Anyway, I’m still feeling my way around it, trying to learn how it’s supposed to work with FireFox and whatnot. Eventually, I’ll get frustrated enough to actually read the instructions to learn it. But until then, I’m just going to learn as I go. I’ve already added a bookmark, but I’m pretty sure there’s an easier way to go about it. It used to be I could just use the Share button on Google Toolbar. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. (Stupid Google).

Anyway, via this blog, you may actually see a more professional side of me…or at least a more academic one…well, at lease I’ll be posting regularly.  I’m really, really excited about this class. It sounds like everything I was hoping it would be. Added bonus, I already have my business team put together. And we all live in the same house. (Yaaaaaay!!!!!) The only draw back is that three of us are creative people. I know for a fact that of the three of us, two of us have no kind of business savvy to speak of. So, you know, good luck team.


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