Wow!! What A Daze

So, this past month has been crazy in how little I remember. No. It’s not because of any drugs. I just have been having a really hard time focusing. My days have been kind of a blur. Even on the days I’m actually productive, I still feel like I’m just floating through time. I have a little calendar that I use to keep track of my days, what I worked on and what not. This month it’s empty. And not because I haven’t been doing anything, I actually have been doing a lot, I just haven’t been writing it down. I’ve been analyzing my days, trying to figure out what’s throwing off my equilibrium. So far, the best answer I have is that I’ve been having pen problems which has effected my ability to write because I start every project (just about) on paper. Yeah, I know it’s not a very good reason, but I don’t have anything else.

Meanwhile, things that I’ve been able to work on. I published issue three of Blue Ships on the first of this month. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, check it out here Blue Ships Mag. I’ve been writing book three of The Demon Cleaner. It’s just a skeleton now, but I like where it’s going. I was hoping to have it done before I left for England, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’m hoping I can at least the parts that I’ve written typed and saved to my computer so I don’t have to drag a notebook with me. One notebook is full, so I’d really like to leave it home.

Ah, yes, England. I’m going to England. You may remember me getting accepted into Kingston University. Well, everything is all set. I’ve got my visa, my accommodations (on-campus flat), and my plane ticket. I am ready to go. I am presently in the process of packing my room. So far, I have one checked bag. I’m hoping to keep it that way, but I’m thinking I may need to check two bags. But that kind of depends on how much it will cost to send a box to England vs taking a second bag on the plane. More on that when I know more.

Also, the Muslim holiday Ramadan started this month. It’s pretty cool that it started on the same day August started to the days are synched, makes life easier. So how do we celebrate this holy month? By starving ourselves. I know. What kind of party is that, right? We fast from sun up to sun down. No eating, drinking, or sex. I’ve been doing this for so long that it’s not even a deal anymore. However, in the hot months (like now) it’s hell. I get sooo thirsty that sometimes my throat burns a little when I swallow. But that’s really the worse part of it.
Another big part of Ramadan is the reading of the Qur’an. You’re supposed to read a part of it everyday then by the end of the month, you’ve read the whole thing. In the olden days, I had to do this by hand. Meaning I had to sit down with the Quran and read it word for word. Now, thanks to invention of the internet, FB, and really smart friends, I’m able to listen to someone else read it. The website is called Tanzil. The site is awesome because, not only can you listen to the Qur’an in the traditional Arabic, you can listen to it in English and Persian too. Yipeee!!!! (At least about the English. I don’t speak Persian, so you know, whatever).Anyway, it’s awesome. Save a lot of time. And I can do other things while I listen to it. So, if you’re Muslim and fasting, you need to get in on this.

And lastly, I plan to start doing some vlogging once I get to the UK. I will be doing this mostly so that my family can see me and know what’s going on while I’m over there, a million miles away. The blog will be called Nadiyah AK (I know you’re shocked; don’t pretend you’re not) and will be in the A B.I.T. Life channel (which I’ll be creating as soon as I’m done with this). I’ll be doing them there instead on my own channel because I plan to work on other video projects as well and will be using that channel for them.

So, this update went on for longer than I thought it would. But it’s been a month. I have to a lot to catch you up on. Hope you enjoyed reading and I will see y’all in a few days.



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