Book 2 Marathon is Over!!!!!!

Yippeee Skippeee!!!! As of yesterday (or really, really early this morning) Blood Of The Hunted: The Demon Cleaner Book Two is complete. I have sent it in to createspace to the wonderful peeps over there can check the formatting and make sure all’s well. once i have the all clear, i can order my proof and check for any other edits that may need to be done. otherwise, i’m done. i can breathe for a few seconds. the last few weeks have been nothing but trying to get it finished asap. i have been working on it for a few years now so it’s good be finally done with that. now i can catch up with other projects.

Like this blog, which has been horribly neglected.

so, updates. my main internet computer is back in the shop. it never completely recovered from when it got hit with that virus the last time. so i took it back to my guy. he decided to just go ahead and reformat the drive then reinstall the os, which is what one of my big bros said should be done. (it sucks because i forgot to copy the file i had started that had google’s celebatory pics it. ah well. just gotta take that in). he’s having trouble installing the os. something about xp and netbooks…there were a whole lot of words in there that amounted to he’s working on it diligently. but it’s not complete.

you may have noticed that i have not yet updated any of the tabs on this blog even though it’s been like a month since i started working on that. i’m working on it diligently…well, i will be now that book 2 is complete. between book 3 (which i’ve already started) and bsm issue 3 (which i’ve already started) i’ll be catching up on all other projects that tend to get neglected when i’m working on big writing/editing projects. in fact, if i can get them done early, that would astound even me.

expect a 5-minuter from me soon. till next time.


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