I’ve got it. I’m on a roll

Ex 221: Write an opening using, “I’ve got it. I’m on a roll now. On a roll.”

“I’ve got it. I’m on a roll now. On a roll,” I said to Martine as she watched me pull switch after swift and push button after button. I always told my sister that being an aviator with a minor in math was going to come in handy one day. She mocked me. All the way through college, she mocked. At our graduation party, she cracked jokes. She was going to go off and make the world greener, while I, she said, was going to go help pollute it for the man and people who wished they were birds. Well, huh, the joke’s on her. her and her measly zoology degree. Ain’t no zoo up here. Hell, ain’t no animals period. Were it not for me, we’d be stuck in this spaceship with no one way home.


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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